Test directory: Yersinia Stool Culture

Ordering Code311
Test NameYersinia Stool Culture
AliasYersinia enterocolitica Culture
Preferred SpecimenStool
Preferred ContainerCary-Blair Transport Media
Other Specimen/ContainerRectal Swab in Cary-Blair Transport, Stool in Clean
Container, Rectal Swab in Bacterial Transport Container (e.g. Culturette)
Optimum VolumeStool: 5 gm
Rectal Swab: 2 Swabs
Collection InstructionsAntacids, barium, bismuth, antidiarrheal medication or oily laxatives prior to collection should not be used. Collect stool in a bed pan or a clean, widemouthed container or plastic bag placed over the toilet seat
Rectal Swab: Collect anorectal specimens from the crypts just inside the anal ring. Indicate specimen source on the requisition.
Handling InstructionsStool, Buffered (Cary-Blair): The sample should include any blood or mucus present. Use the plastic spoon provided in the cap of the Cary-Blair container to transfer 5 grams of sample into the buffered solution. The liquid should come up to the "fill" line on the vial. Tightly cap the vial and shake firmly to insure that the specimen is adequately mixed with the solution
Stool, Unbuffered: The sample should include any blood or mucus present
Place sample in a clean container. Refrigerate immediately
Rectal Swab: Place swabs in Cary-Blair Transport media or in Bacterial Transport Container (e.g. Culturette).
Transport RequirementsStool, buffered (Cary-Blair): Oahu: Ambient,
Airline: Ambient
Stool, Unbuffered: Oahu: Refrigerated,
Airline: Refrigerated
Rectal Swab: Oahu: Ambient, Airline: Ambient
Specimen StabilityStool, Buffered (Cary-Blair): Ambient: 4 Days, Refrigerated: 4 Days
Stool, Unbuffered: Ambient: 2 Hours, Refrigerated: 24 Hours
Rectal Swab in Cary-Blair: Ambient: 4 Days, Refrigerated: 4 Days
Rectal Swab in Bacterial Transport: Ambient: 2 Days, Refrigerated: 2 Days
Rejection CriteriaFrozen, Received in Formalin and/or PVA, Specimen older than stability limits, Stool contaminated with urine, Dry cotton swab received, Stool in diaper or tissue paper, 24 hour collection or pooled specimens
Avail. StatNO
Analytic TimeStool, Buffered (Cary-Blair): Up to 3 Days
Additional time is required for identification if culture is positive.
MethodologyVisual examination for bacterial growth on selective media

Reference range(s)

ComponentAgeMale NormMale Critical LowMale Critical HighFemale NormFemale Critical HighFemale Critical LowUnitsAdd'l info
StatusALLSee report.
Culture Result:ALLSee report.