Test directory: RBC Antibody Studies

Ordering Code 4059
Test Name RBC Antibody Studies
Alias Antibody Identification
Antibody Investigation
Preferred Specimen Whole Blood
Preferred Container EDTA, K2 (Lavender)
Optimum Volume 6 mL
Collection Instructions Do Not use SST.
Handling Instructions Additional specimen may be requested if antibody identification is indicated.
Transport Requirements Oahu: Ambient
Airline: Refrigerated
Specimen Stability Ambient: 24 Hours
Refrigerated: 10 Days
Frozen: Not Stable
Rejection Criteria Contaminated, Frozen, Gel barrier tube, Grossly hemolyzed,
Specimen not properly labeled, Plastic Red or Clear-red
Top tubes with or without additives, Anticoagulant tubes other than EDTA
Avail. Stat YES
Analytic Time 1 Day
Methodology Hemagglutination and/or Solid Phase Adherance

Reference range(s)

Component Age Male Norm Male Critical Low Male Critical High Female Norm Female Critical High Female Critical Low Units Add'l info
Antibody Identification ALL See report.