Test directory: Giardia Lamblia Antigen Test

Ordering Code 4719
Test Name Giardia Lamblia Antigen Test
Alias Giardiasis Test
Preferred Specimen Stool
Preferred Container 10% Formalin
Other Specimen/Container Stool in SAF Preservative, Stool in Clean Container
Optimum Volume 5 gm
Collection Instructions Antacids, barium, bismuth, anti-diarrheal medication or oily laxatives prior to collection should not be used.
Collect stool in a bed pan or a clean, widemouth container or a plastic bag placed over the toilet seat.
Handling Instructions Unpreserved Stool: The sample should include any blood or mucus present to optimize parasite recovery. Refrigerate immediately. If transport will be >24 hours, specimen should be placed in preservative such as 10% Formalin or SAF
Preserved Stool: The sample should include any blood or mucus present to optimize parasite recovery. Use the plastic spoon provided in the cap of the Formalin container to transfer 5 grams of sample into the vial. The liquid should come up to the "fill" line on the vial. Tightly cap the vial and shake firmly to insure that the specimen is adequately mixed with the solution.
Transport Requirements Preserved Stool: Oahu: Ambient, Airline: Ambient
Unpreserved Stool: Oahu: Refrigerated, Airline: Refrigerated
Specimen Stability Unpreserved Stool:
Ambient: 1 Hour
Refrigerated: 1 Day
Preserved Stool:
Ambient: 1 Year
Refrigerated: 1 Year
Rejection Criteria Unpreserved stool received ambient, Frozen, Stool in preservatives other than 10% Formalin or SAF, Specimen contaminated with urine, Received in diapers or on toilet paper
Avail. Stat NO
Analytic Time 1 Day
Methodology Direct immunofluorescence detection

Reference range(s)

Component Age Male Norm Male Critical Low Male Critical High Female Norm Female Critical High Female Critical Low Units Add'l info
Giardia Lamblia Antigen Test ALL NEGATIVE NEGATIVE