Test directory: Platelet Count

Ordering Code546
Test NamePlatelet Count
Thrombocyte Count
Total Platelet
Preferred SpecimenWhole Blood
Preferred ContainerEDTA, K2 (Lavender)
Other Specimen/ContainerWhole Blood in EDTA, K2 Microtainer (Lavender),
Thrombo-tic dilution tubes in duplicate + 2 thin smears
Optimum Volume3 mL
Microtainer = 500 uL
Collection InstructionsDo NOT collect in 7 mL EDTA tube
Mix well
EDTA tubes must be filled with at least 50% of the draw volume.
Handling InstructionsRefrigerate specimen if transport time > 24 hours
Hand mix ONLY. Do NOT mix on mechanical rocker/mixer.
Transport RequirementsOahu: Ambient
Airline: Refrigerated
Specimen StabilityAmbient: 24 Hours
Refrigerated: 48 Hours
Rejection CriteriaFrozen, Clotted, Contaminated, Over filled tube,
Under filled tube, Specimen older than stability limits.
Avail. StatYES
Analytic Time1 Day
MethodologyAutomated cell counter

Reference range(s)

ComponentAgeMale NormMale Critical LowMale Critical HighFemale NormFemale Critical HighFemale Critical LowUnitsAdd'l info
Mean Platelet VolumeALL7.5-11.57.5-11.5fL
Platelet Count>=18Y151-424<= 25>= 1000151-424>= 1000<= 25x10(3)/uL
Platelet Count12Y-17Y175-345<= 25>= 1000175-345>= 1000<= 25x10(3)/uL
Platelet Count6Y-12Y199-369<= 25>= 1000199-369>= 1000<= 25x10(3)/uL
Platelet Count2Y-6Y189-403<= 25>= 1000189-403>= 1000<= 25x10(3)/uL
Platelet Count6M-2Y206-459<= 25>= 1000206-459>= 1000<= 25x10(3)/uL
Platelet Count2M-6M244-580<= 25>= 1000244-580>= 1000<= 25x10(3)/uL
Platelet Count1M-2M229-597<= 25>= 1000229-597>= 1000<= 25x10(3)/uL
Platelet Count2W-1M248-586<= 25>= 1000248-586>= 1000<= 25x10(3)/uL
Platelet Count0-2W144-449<= 25>= 1000144-449>= 1000<= 25x10(3)/uL