Test directory: Paraneoplastic Autoantibody Eval

Ordering Code5620
Test NameParaneoplastic Autoantibody Eval
AliasParaneoplastic Autoantibody Evaluation
Acetylcholine Receptor (Muscle AChR) Antibodies
ANNA (Antineuronal Nuclear Antibody)
Preferred SpecimenSerum
Preferred ContainerSST (Gold)
Optimum Volume5 mL
Collection InstructionsSpecimen collection is recommended prior to initiation of immunosuppressant medication or intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) treatment. Patient should have no general anesthetic or muscle-relaxant drugs in the previous 24 hours
Radioisotopes, therapeutic or diagnostic, have the potential for assay interference.
Handling InstructionsEnsure that 2 aliquots are sent for testing.
Transport RequirementsOahu: Refrigerated
Airline: Refrigerated
Specimen StabilityAmbient: 3 Days
Refrigerated: 28 Days
Frozen: 28 Days
Rejection CriteriaGrossly hemolyzed, Grossly Lipemic, Grossly Icteric
Avail. StatNO
Analytic TimeUp to 17 Days
Amphiphysin Ab, S;
Anti-Glial Nuclear Ab, Type 1;
Anti-Neuronal Nuclear Ab, Type 1;
Anti-Neuronal Nuclear Ab, Type 2;
Anti-Neuronal Nuclear Ab, Type 3;
CRMP-5-IgG, S;
Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Ab Type 1;
Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Ab Type 2;
Purkinje Cell Cytoplasmic Ab Type Tr
Neuronal (V-G) K+ Channel Ab, S;
P/Q-Type Calcium Channel Ab
Reference Lab Mayo Medical Lab

Reference range(s)

ComponentAgeMale NormMale Critical LowMale Critical HighFemale NormFemale Critical HighFemale Critical LowUnitsAdd'l info
AGNA-1, SALLSee report.
Amphiphysin Ab, SALLSee report.
ANNA-1, SALLSee report.
ANNA-2, SALLSee report.
ANNA-3, SALLSee report.
P/Q-Type Calcium Channel AbALL<=0.02<=0.02nmol/L
CRMP-5-IgG, SALLSee report.
PCA-2, SALLSee report.
PCA-1, SALLSee report.
PCA-Tr, SALLSee report.
Neuronal (V-G) K+ Channel Ab, SALL<=0.02<=0.02nmol/L
IFA NotesALLSee report.