Test directory: Acid Fast Smear

Ordering Code612
Test NameAcid Fast Smear
AliasAFB Smear
Preferred ContainerLower Respiratory Specimens (Expectorated Sputum, Tracheal
Aspirate, Bronchial Wash or Lavage, Bronchial Brush) in
Sterile Container, Gastric Aspirate in Sterile Container,
Tissue in Sterile Container, Wound Aspirates in Sterile
Container, Sterile Body Fluids (CSF, Pleural Fld., etc.) in
Sterile Container, Urine in Sterile Container, Stool in
Clean Container
Optimum VolumeLower Respiratory Specimens: 5 mL 2 Bronch Brush slides
Tissue: 1 gm
Sterile Body Fluids (CSF, Pleural Fld., etc.): 5 mL
Urine: 50 mL
Stool, Fresh: 5 gm
Gastric Aspirate: 5 mL
Wound Aspirate: 3 mL
Collection InstructionsIndicate the specimen source on the requisition
Lower Respiratory Specimens: First morning sputum (not saliva) from three separate days are recommended
Tissue: Tissue is preferred over swabs
Urine: First morning, clean catch, mid-stream specimen is preferred
Wound Aspirate: Aspirate is preferred over swabs.
Handling InstructionsLower Respiratory Specimens: Refrigerate as soon as possible. Add sterile normal saline to Bronch Brushings to prevent drying. Allow any slides made at the time of collection to air dry thoroughly before placing in slide holders. Bronchial Brushing slides should be sent separately from the washes and kept at ambient temperature
Tissue: Add sterile normal saline to prevent drying of specimen
Sterile Body Fluids (CSF, Pleural Fld., etc.): If large volumes of fluid are collected, take a 10 mL of aliquot of the well-mixed specimen
Wound Aspirate: Transfer aspirate to a sterile container or remove needle and cap syringe. DO NOT send syringes with needles attached
This test CANNOT be ordered without an AFB culture unless the patient has a previous AFB positive history or when only a slide submitted.
Transport RequirementsOahu: Refrigerated
Airline: Refrigerated
Transport any slides at ambient temperature.
Specimen StabilityAmbient: 2 Hours
Refrigerated: 5 Days
CSF is also stable at 33-37 deg C for 5 days
Rejection CriteriaSpecimen older than stability limits, Pooled specimen,
Frozen, Preservatives used, Syringe with needle attached
Note: specimens with rejection concerns that cannot be recollected (e.g. surgical tissue) will be processed upon receipt and the ordering physician consulted.
Avail. StatNO
Analytic Time1 Day
MethodologyMicroscopic examination of fluorescent stained/carbol fuchsin stained concentrated smear

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Site:ALLSee report.
Acid Fast Smear:ALLSee report.