Test directory: Anaerobic Culture

Ordering Code621
Test NameAnaerobic Culture
AliasAnaerobic Culture, Abscess
Anaerobic Culture, Wound
Abscess Culture, Anaerobic
Culture, Anaerobic
Anaerobic Culture, Body Fluid
Anaerobic Culture, Tissue Culture
Preferred SpecimenBody Fluid, Aspirates and Tissue
Preferred ContainerBody Fluid and Aspirates: Capped syringe, with needle removed and air expelled.
Other Specimen/Container**Swabs are not optimal, but will accept Eswab or anaerobic transport media**
Optimum VolumeAspirates: 3 mL
Sterile Body Fluids (CSF, Pleural Fld., etc.): 5 mL
Tissue: 1 gm
Any Body Site Swab: 2 Swabs
Collection InstructionsSpecimen site must be from areas without normal anaerobic flora. Collect aseptically. Indicate specimen source on the requisition.
Handling InstructionsSpecimen must be placed immediately in Eswab or anaerobic transport. If sending specimen in syringe, expel the air, remove the needle and cap syringe securely.
Transport RequirementsOahu: Ambient
Airline: Ambient
Specimen StabilityAmbient: 2 Days
Anaerobic condition must be maintained.
Rejection CriteriaSpecimen older than stability limits, Inappropriate site for anaerobic culture, Non-anaerobic conditions,
Refrigerated, Frozen, syringe with needle attached
Note: specimens with rejection concerns that cannot be recollected (e.g. surgical tissue) will be processed upon receipt and the ordering physician consulted.
Avail. StatNO
Analytic TimeUp to 4 Days
Preliminary culture results reported at 48 hours. If culture grows, additional time is needed for identification.
MethodologyVisual examination for bacterial growth on selective and non-selective media.