Test directory: GC Screen

Ordering Code 625
Test Name GC Screen
Alias GC Culture
Gonorrhea Culture
Neisseria gonorrhoeae Culture
Preferred Specimen Genital, Rectal or Throat Specimen
Preferred Container Modified Thayer-Martin (MTM) Media in CO2 atmosphere.
Other Specimen/Container Genital, Rectal or Throat Swab in Culturette with bacteriostatic media (e.g. CultureSwab Plus)
Optimum Volume 1 inoculated MTM media or 2 swabs
Collection Instructions Genital: Prior to collection, allow MTM media to come to room temperature. Females: Swab endocervical canal, avoiding contaminating the swab with vaginal secretions. Males: Patient's last urination should be at least 1 hour prior to collection. Strip the urethra toward the orifice to express exudate. Use a sterile swab to obtain specimen. Indicate specimen source on the requisition
Rectal: Prior to collection, allow MTM media to come to room temperature. Collect anorectal specimens from the crypts just inside the anal ring. Indicate specimen source on the requisition
Throat: Prior to collection, allow MTM media to come to room temperature. The swab should be taken from the tonsillar area, and/or posterior pharynx. Care should be given to avoid the tongue and uvula. Indicate specimen source on the requisition.
Handling Instructions Immediately after collection, inoculate Thayer-Martin media by rolling swab(s) onto the surface of the media. Place media in special bag. Open CO2 pill packet and place in bag
Seal bag securely to preserve the CO2 atmosphere.
Transport Requirements Oahu: Ambient
Airline: Ambient
Specimen Stability Ambient: Plate in CO2 = 1 Day, Swab = 1 Day
Specimen will be accepted up to 1 Day, but fastidious organisms such as GC may not remain viable unless processed immediately after collection. The recommended (and preferred method) of submission is immediate plating to MTM media and placement into a CO2 environment.
Rejection Criteria Dry cotton swab, Frozen, Refrigerated, Chocolate agar plate instead of MTM received, MTM agar plate NOT in CO2 atmosphere
Avail. Stat NO
Analytic Time Up to 3 Days
Preliminary at 24 hours
Additional time is required for identification if culture is positive.
Methodology Visual examination of bacterial growth on selective media with identification of isolates for Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

Reference range(s)

Component Age Male Norm Male Critical Low Male Critical High Female Norm Female Critical High Female Critical Low Units Add'l info
Source: ALL See report.
Report Status: ALL See report.