Test directory: Organism ID/Sensitivity, Aerobic

Ordering Code639
Test NameOrganism ID/Sensitivity, Aerobic
AliasIdentification and/or
Susceptibility, Aerobic Organism
ID and Sensitivity,Aerobic Bacteria
Preferred SpecimenPure Aerobic Organism
Preferred ContainerAgar Slant
Other Specimen/ContainerPure Isolate on Agar Plate (Only on Oahu),
Pure Isolate in Culture Broth
Optimum Volume1 Slant (or Plate or Broth Tube)
Collection InstructionsAppropriate susceptibility testing will be done, depending on the identification of the isolate. Specify organism identification if submitting for susceptibility testing only
A processing fee will be assessed if mixed isolates are submitted.
Handling InstructionsEnsure agar slant is appropriate for the type of organism
Culture must be viable, pure, and safely contained (for air transport, agar plate is not acceptable & potentially biohazardous). Air transported specimens must be packaged according to infectious shipment regulations. A processing fee will be assessed if mixed isolates are submitted.
Transport RequirementsOahu: Ambient
Airline: Ambient
Specimen StabilityAmbient: 5 Days
Refrigerated: 5 Days
Rejection CriteriaFrozen, Non-viable organism, Improper packaging of isolate
Avail. StatNO
Analytic TimeUp to 3 Days
Additional time is required if growth is inadequate, culture is not pure or if isolate is >48 hours old.
MethodologyVisual examination of growth on selective/non-selective media and identification by microscopic examination of stained smear and/or biochemical reaction
Susceptibility by automated MIC, Kirby-Bauer or by Gradient
Agar diffusion.