Test directory: Fung. Cul. (Non-Hair/Nail/Skin/Bld)

Ordering Code645
Test NameFung. Cul. (Non-Hair/Nail/Skin/Bld)
AliasMold Culture
Yeast Culture
Fungus Culture other than Hair,
Fungal Culture (other than Hair, Nail, Skin)
Preferred ContainerLower Respiratory Specimens (Expectorated Sputum, Tracheal
Aspirate, Bronchial Wash or Lavage, Bronchial Brush) in
Sterile Container, Tissue in Sterile Container, Wound
Aspirates in Sterile Container, Sterile Body Fluids (CSF,
Pleural Fld., etc.) in Sterile Container, Upper respiratory specimen on sterile swab in swab transport container
Optimum VolumeTissue: 1 gm
Lower Respiratory Specimens: 5 mL
Sterile Body Fluids (CSF, Pleural Fld., etc.): 5 mL
Wound Aspirates: 3 mL 2 Swabs
Upper Respiratory Specimens: 2 Swabs 5 mL of Lavage
Collection InstructionsIndicate the specimen source on the requisition
Lower Respiratory Specimens: Expectorated sputum: first morning specimen (not saliva) is recommended.
Handling InstructionsTissue: Add sterile normal saline to prevent specimen from drying
Lower Respiratory Specimens: Refrigerate as soon as possible. Add sterile saline to Bronch Brushings to prevent drying.
Transport RequirementsTissue:
Oahu: Ambient
Airline: Refrigerated
Lower Respiratory Specimens:
Oahu: Refrigerated
Airline: Refrigerated
Sterile Body Fluids (CSF, Pleural Fld., etc.)
Oahu: Ambient
Airline: Refrigerated
Upper Respiratory Specimens:
Oahu and Airline:
Swab = Ambient
Lavage = Refrigerated
Wound Aspirates:
Oahu and Airline:
Swab = Ambient
Aspirates = Refrigerated
Specimen StabilityTissue: Ambient: 2 Hours Refrigerated: 48 Hours
Lower Respiratory Specimens: Ambient: 2 Hours Refrigerated: 48 Hours
Sterile Body Fluids (CSF, Pleural Fld., etc.): Ambient: 2 Hours Refrigerated: 48 Hours CSF is stable 5 Days at 33-37 Deg C
Upper Respiratory Specimens: Ambient: Upper Resp. Washes/Lavages = 2 Hours Upper Resp. Swabs = 48 Hours Refrigerated: Upper Resp. Washes/Lavages = 48 Hours Upper Resp. Swabs = 48 Hours
Wound Aspirates: Ambient: Aspirates = 2 Hours Swabs = 48 Hours Refrigerated: Aspirates = 24 Hours Swabs = 48 Hours
Rejection CriteriaStool, Dry cotton swab, Frozen, Specimen older than stability limits, Tissue in formalin, Syringe with needle received
Note: Specimens with rejection concerns that cannot be recollected (e.g. surgical tissue) will be processed upon receipt and the ordering physician consulted.
Avail. StatNO
Analytic TimeUp to 4 Weeks
Additional time is required for identification if culture is positive.
MethodologyVisual examination for fungal growth on selective & non- selective media. Identification of isolate(s) by morphological, growth and/or biochemical characteristics.

Reference range(s)

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