Test directory: KRAS Mutation Analysis

Ordering Code7600
Test NameKRAS Mutation Analysis
AliasKirsten Rat Sarcoma Viral Oncogene
Homolog Gene Analysis
Preferred SpecimenFormalin-Fixed, Paraffin Embedded Tissue (FFPE)
Preferred Container1.5 mL tubes
Other Specimen/ContainerFresh Tissue, Frozen Tissue
Optimum Volume6-10 Sections of tissue at 6 microns
Handling InstructionsEach slide needs to be H&E stained and coverslip removed
One slide needs to be evaluated for tumor and necrosis content. The tumor needs to be circled for microdissection.
Transport RequirementsOahu or Airline:
Paraffin Embedded Tissue: Ambient
Fresh Tissue: Refrigerated or Frozen (if previously Frozen)
Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin Embedded Tissue: Ambient
Specimen StabilityAmbient: 7 Days for Paraffin Embedded Tissue
Not Stable for Fresh or Frozen Tissue
Refrigerated: 3 Days for Fresh Tissue
Frozen: 10 Days for Fresh Tissue
Rejection CriteriaTumor content below 30% and decalcified samples
Avail. StatNO
Analytic Time10 Days
MethodologyReal-Time PCR

Reference range(s)

ComponentAgeMale NormMale Critical LowMale Critical HighFemale NormFemale Critical HighFemale Critical LowUnitsAdd'l info
KRAS Mutation AnalysisALLSee report.