Test directory: HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Screen with Reflex

Ordering Code7760
Test NameHIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Screen with Reflex
AliasHIV p24 Ag
HIV-1 Ab (groups M & O) & HIV-2 Ab
5th generation HIV-1/2 Combo Ag/Ab Immunoassay with
Reflex to Geenius HIV 1/2
Geenius HIV 1/2 Supplemental
HIV-1/2 Antibody Differentiation
Preferred SpecimenSerum
Preferred ContainerSST (Gold)
Other Specimen/ContainerPlasma in Lithium Heparin (Green), Plasma in Sodium Heparin (Green), Serum in Plain (Red), Plasms in EDTA, K2 or K3 (Lavender)
Optimum Volume1.5 mL
Handling InstructionsFor frozen samples: Thaw samples completely, mix thoroughly by inverting 10 times or by vortexing. Continue to mix until samples are visibly homogenous. Centrifuge at > 10,000 RCF for 10 minutes. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles (up to 4 cycles is acceptable).
Transport RequirementsOahu: Ambient
Airline: Refrigerated
Specimen StabilityAmbient: 4 Days
Refrigerated: 7 Days
Specimens may be stored at -20 C or lower for an extended period of time.
Rejection CriteriaGrossly hemolyzed, This assay is not intended for use in screening blood or plasma donors, as the effectiveness of this test for use in the screening of these donors has not been established
This kit is not intended for use in children younger than 2 years of age.
Avail. StatNO
Analytic TimeUp to 3 Days
MethodologyMultiplex Flow Immunoassay (MFI)

Reference range(s)

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