Test directory: High Molecular Weight

Ordering Code8313
Test NameHigh Molecular Weight
AliasFitzgerald Factor
Preferred SpecimenPlasma
Preferred ContainerCitrate - Blue Top
Optimum Volume2 mL
Collection InstructionsBlood should be collected in a blue top tube containing 3.2% buffered sodium citrate.[1]
Evacuated collection tubes must be filled to completion to ensure a proper blood to anticoagulant ratio.[2,3] The sample should be mixed immediately by gentle inversion at least six times to ensure adequate mixing of the anticoagulant with the blood. A discard tube is not required prior to collection of coagulation samples, except when using a winged blood collection device (ie, "butterfly"), in which case a discard tube should be used. [4,5] When non-citrate tubes are collected for other tests, collect sterile and non-additive (red-top) tubes prior to citrate (blue-top) tubes. Any tube containing an alternate anticoagulant should be collected after the blue-top tube. Gel-barrier tubes and serum tubes with clot initiators should also be collected after the citrate tubes. Centrifuge and carefully remove the plasma using a plastic transfer pipette, being careful not to disturb the cells. Tranfer the plasma into a LabCorp PP transpak frozen purple tube with screw cap (LabCorp 49482). Freeze immediately and maintain frozen until tested. To avoid delays in turnaround time when requesting multiple tests on frozen samples, please submit separate frozen specimens for each test requested

Please print and use the Volume Guide for
Coagulation Testing to ensure proper draw volume.
Handling InstructionsTesting is performed at Esoterix Coagulation
Laboratory: UY#300123
Transport RequirementsOahu: Frozen
Airline: Frozen
Specimen StabilityAmbient: 4 Hours
Avail. StatNO
Analytic Time6 - 10 Days
MethodologyClot based
Reference Lab Colorado Coagulation Consult.

Reference range(s)

ComponentAgeMale NormMale Critical LowMale Critical HighFemale NormFemale Critical HighFemale Critical LowUnitsAdd'l info
Kininogen ActivityALLSee report.